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Carolina almost falls on a snowy street, but she has no regret choosing to wear her Jimmy Choo high heels. Any direction her head turns and any angle her neck tilts, she believes she has made the right decision. She was that girl who had stared at the Brooklyn Bridge poster on her bedroom wall since she was fifteen and watched all seasons of Sex and The City at least five times. The subway exit she gets out isn’t the closest to her office because she needs to stop by that specific coffee shop, ignoring three cafes around her office…

He is always shining his light on her just like the sun, and she shines because of his light just like the moon.

Amy cracks an egg to stop her mind from going over last night’s dream. She pours the milk in a bowl slowly and mixes everything using a balloon whisk. The white liquid orbits the beige planet once and merges with it to become one smooth, thick batter. She whisks clockwise, then counterclockwise, pausing to shake out her wrist in between — she thinks only about the consistency. Does she need more milk? Maybe she should have used almond milk instead. The right thickness is the key to a fluffy pancake. …

picking up scattered pieces from the ground every morning

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My journal entry after the second date wrote, “please, please, please go well this time. I don’t think I can survive another heartbreak, all over again.” I was happy to meet someone I felt a strong connection with but also was terrified of losing what I had just found.

As you had already guessed, It didn’t go well. I got cheated again. More precisely, I was the person whom he was cheating on his girlfriend with, and I didn’t know any of that while I was in it. Part of me felt really dumb, completely throwing myself in it, but…

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Why yoga in Tokyo is different, what to expect, and how to integrate a regular practice into your lifestyle — in a way that works for you.

In my recent essay,Rediscovering Tokyo and Reconnecting with Yoga,” I described my experience returning to Tokyo after a decade abroad and how yoga helped me with the process of readjusting to life. Building on my observations during that period, I thought to share a few things I noticed in case they might help people who are new to Tokyo and seeking to get into yoga here.

Life as a NYC Yogi

I lived in New York City for many years. There, people nowadays are more familiar with yoga’s philosophy and practices. …

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After a decade abroad, I did the unexpected — I returned to Tokyo. It was hard to fit in again, but yoga made readjusting a little easier.

I left Japan when I turned eighteen, to pursue studies in the United States. I was excited to be free from my parents and strict school rules. I had no attachment to my home country and couldn’t wait to get out.

After earning my degree, I landed a job in New York. Most of my foreign friends went back to their countries one by one, but I never dreamed of going back. Not that I hated my country, but the thought never occurred to me.

However, after ten years of living in the US, I surprised everyone when I told…

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How a month-long yoga retreat in a small Guatemalan village helped me face my emotions and make peace with my past.

I didn’t have any particularly deep reasons for wanting to start practicing yoga. I just wanted to be able to do all those cool-looking poses. There was a free yoga class every week at my college. I somehow knew I would love it and my first class confirmed that reckless assumption.

When I first started, I couldn’t even touch my toes with my fingers, but enjoyed it anyway. I continued practicing after college and met amazing teachers who taught me many lessons as I progressed. …

〜20’s Global Girls Meetupセルフインタビュー〜


〜20’s Global Girls Meetupセルフインタビュー〜

  1. 海外に行ったきっかけ

2. 海外滞在中に学んだこと、自分の中で変化した価値観

3. 今実際どんな仕事をしているか、どう仕事を見つけたか

4. 今後どんなことをしたいか、どんな女性になりたいか

1. 海外に行ったきっかけ




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Writer. Traveler. Yogi. Hiker. Always chasing a cat and searching for home.

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